Learning Abroad

Renee Caraballo teaches fourth Grade at Sheridan Elementary. She is also a Program Assistant at Sunset Zoo in Manhattan. She was asked to join a team of Zoo Curators from around the United States as they travel to India in February. Her main role will be to develop and facilitate a teacher workshop focused on interpretation training and wildlife conservation education at Agra Bear Rescue Facility in Agra, India. They will be spending time observing Indian Sloth Bears in an effort to learn more about them, before they open their Expedition Asia Exhibit at Sunset Zoo. While they are there, they will immerse themselves in the culture by visiting many different schools in Agra and Delhi. Their goal is to help provide resources and lesson ideas to further wildlife conservation education. Another goal is to help teachers and staff at the rescue facility educate their students and guests about the importance of caring for wildlife.

Article provided by Carol Settgast, Library Media Specialist and Renee Caraballo, Fourth Grade Teacher at Sheridan Elementary

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