April Newsletter


Notes from the Principal

Dear Stallion Parents;


The Parent Guides for Mathematics documents for grade K – 5 have been posted on the Kansas State Department of Education website. These documents are aligned with the 2017 Math Standards and are helpful in sharing information to parents. Grades 6-8 and high school will be completed and posted very soon.

These guides are one page documents that can help provide a clearer understanding of what you child will learn in a specific grade. Furthermore, these documents provide a few activities parents can do at home with children to further support their learning of mathematics.

The Parent Guides for Mathematics documents can be found at: http://community.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=5651.


Dixie Coleman


Standardized test

Choose to do well    True or false: Standardized test are hard?                       The answer depends on how prepared your youngster is.

             Consider these four steps to help him or her handle test week.

  1. Explain that the test will show how much they have learned. Encourage them to try their best, but don’t put so much emphasis on the test that they feel stressed.
  2. Practice the test formats. For example, your child might have to read a paragraph and answer questions.  Using one of their textbooks, have them look at the questions at the end of a section first and then read the passage. That will help them know what to read for and how to find the answers.
  3. Limit activities the night before test. You may want to avoid having guests for dinner, or let them skip their brothers baseball game if it means being out late.  Be sure your youngster gets to bed on time and sets an alarm for the next morning.
  4. On test day, give them an energy-boosting breakfast. Try to include both protein (eggs, yogurt, milk) and carbohydrates (fruit, oatmeal, toast).        From Home &School Connection Newsletter

Music Notes from Mrs. Brown:

April Important Dates


5th: Papa John’s night for Musical

12th: Kindergarten and 1st grade Music program (day performance time TBA, evening 6pm in Sheridan gym)

29th: Big Set pieces moved into the Opera House at 6pm (Parent volunteers and Musical Staff only, no kids)

30th:  EVENING PRACTICE at Opera House for all 5th graders