Sheridan Site Council Minutes

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Call to Order

 Roll Call / Introductions – Dixie Coleman, Calvin Conary, Melody Varnado, Jennifer Brown, Shelly Gunderson, Luan Sparks, Margie Pinaire, Crystal Rankin

Celebrations – The school year is off to a great start! New Teachers are here to introduce themselves Jennifer Brown has been named the Region 1 Finalist for Kansas Teacher of the Year!

Principal’s Report – Dixie Coleman-MTSS, GOTR, and STUCO groups are underway. We will have visitors throughout the year due to our KTOY traveling team opportunity. We are beginning the journey to becoming a Trauma-Informed/Sensitive School. Mrs. Coleman shared information about Trauma-Informed Schools, and the four agreed upon practices that staff members are piloting this year…Tap In, Tap Out, 48 Hour Rule, Drop The Mirror, and May I join You? Mrs. Coleman answered questions from the group.

Special Program Topics – Luan Sparks, the Director of Student Support Services presented information about Title 1 School Funding and answered questions from the group.

Future Meeting Dates – TBA….PTO calendar is in progress to change to Mondays.

4:30 PM
Sheridan Library