November Newsletter


Notes from the Principal

This year is just flying by and there are so many wonderful events to look forward to during the second quarter. Tale a peek at the calendar and note the offerings for the month of November alone.  We look forward to seeing you at school to participate with us and meet the other families that make up the big Stallion Family!

I am not sure if parents are aware that our attendance rate is tracked by the district and state. We report our attendance to the district, three times per year as part of the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) process. Our first report was based on numbers from the beginning of school to September 20th (26.5 days). We had 198 students that had one absence or less (Tier 1), 28 students that had two-three absences (Tier 2) and 5 students that had above 4 absences (Tier 3). Our goal is to reduce the number of students in Tier 2 and 3 prior to submitting our Mid-Year report. We appreciate any help parents can provide to help us meet our goal.

Thank you in advance.

Mrs. Coleman


Important Dates:

November 4th—Daylight Savings Time

November 6th—Body Venture Assembly

November 12th—No School

November 12th-16th—American Education Week

November 19th—23rd—No School

November 29th—2nd and 3rd Grade  Music Program

P.E. Notes

Hello Sheridan Families!

Our stallions have been continuing to work hard in PE the last couple weeks. My K-2 classes have been working on a scooters unit. My older 3rd-5th   classes have started a fitness unit. During the fitness unit we will be testing in the Push up, PACER, Curl up, and the sit and reach test. Please make sure your child has PE shoes for class each day.

-Mr. Jones- PE Teacher                                   [email protected]