Ethiopia Reads Achieves Fundraising Goal


Our Sheridan family, USD family, and community came together to reach our fundraising goal of $1000.00! Sheridan students wrote the folktale, Help, and raised the money to have 1000 copies of this dual language book published again in English/Amharic for students in Ethiopia. Thank you to all who contributed to make this dream happen by partnering with Ethiopia Reads. You have given the best gift this season to children across the world…the gift of reading!
Help is just one book in the Ready, Set, Go Books series. Ready, Set, Go Books is an Open Hearts, Big Dreams Fund Project. OHBD is the content creator and publisher of Ready, Set, Go Books under the creative leadership of Jane Kurtz and production leadership of Steffani Stephens. OHBD is developing and providing the strategic leadership for this project as well as the funding. Therefore, this is an OHBD project. For further information, please see and

submitted by Carol Settgast