Summer Reading Tips and Lists

Summer Reading

The new school year is almost here! Has your child been keeping up with their reading? Research shows that children who don’t read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress, leading to a cumulative, long-term effect.  To help keep your child on track, check out these summer reading tips and lists!

Summer Reading Tips for Parents: 
1. Read out loud with your child every day and make it fun! 
2. Let your child choose what they want to read. The more interested they are in a particular book, the more likely they will want to read it!
3. Take weekly “field trips” to the local library. Don’t forget to check out all the summer events going on at the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library. 
4. Read the same book as your child and discuss it with them throughout the day. 
5. Set a good example by keeping books and reading materials around the house and setting times throughout the day for the whole family to read.

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Parents will be receiving a grade level book list that can help them keep their students reading all summer! For an electronic version of these lists visit the links below:

PreK – 6th Summer Reading List
0 – 12 Years Summer Reading List